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Research & Insights


Gain Actionable Insights

At Altius, Research & Insights ( R&I ) is one of the most crucial parts marketing. A thought out research initiative can give you a thorough picture of the Market,  competition, challenges and opportunities that the brand faces.
Insights derived from research allow you to quantify, qualify and understand your data. Giving you valuable information that you can act on Increasing  market share, customer interactions, loyalty.

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Why Altius is your perfect fit for R&I and what value we can add

At Atlius we use research and analytics extensively to work on marketing strategy. This helps brands gain a competitive advantage from early stages. We are neither a billings driven research agency nor a large analytics practice needing data lakes. We know how to build compact focussed research plans for maximum results.

Use Cases

Over the years, we have worked with products and brands of various sizes. Here are a few cases showcasing the impact Altius has had in brand transformation. ​

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Hidden Gems: From Brick-and-Mortar to a pathbreaking e-commerce venture

A family-owned jewellery business wanted to launch a series of small-format stores in malls, to target and capture a newer market than their generational, existing customer base. Altius worked on market research among a spectrum of stakeholders, from manufacturing to design, and from retail to export.

Following our research, we suggested and helped them build an online jewellery model, making it one of India’s first online jewellery sale websites.

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