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Lies, Darn Lies & Social Bio’s

Recently I came across a marketer’s bio on social media where he claims to have worked ( impacted to use
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Souperlative Feedback

Last week I got feedback that thoroughly angered me. I found it unexpected, unfair, totally baseless, biased. Even worse, the
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$69.3 million for that?

Vignesh Sundaresan bought art from Mike Winkleman. This statement sounds a bit dry, doesn’t it ?. Ok, Let me rephrase
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In Pursuit of Trivia: Waiting to quiz again.

On March 15, 2020, exactly a year ago, Maj. Chandrakant Nair, one of India’s well-known quiz masters, told the participants
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Corona-Proof your Start-up

It’s been two weeks since the lockdown began here in India. News reports of doom and gloom pervade the airwaves.
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Riding the Black Swan: CMO’s Guide To Tough Times

In 2007 Nassim Nicolas Taleb wrote a bestseller called ” The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable”. He
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Working from home (WFH) without losing your mind

Coronavirus, the global Pandemic is sweeping across countries with impunity, more and more countries are relying on what is being
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Inglourious Bankers: Can the Yes Bank Brand survive the current crisis?

The big finance news story this week is the crisis faced by Yes Bank. Experts in the media are opining
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Women’s Day Branding: Done Right

International Woman’s Day (IWD) as a concept was pioneered by Socialists in the early 1900s to honor women workers, March
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All Hail the Supreme Oreo

Supreme announced its collaboration with Nabisco, the Supreme Oreo, on twitter a couple of days ago. And the Internet lost
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