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Build a winning marketing team

Marketing Workshops


Altius Marketing Workshops Do Exactly That

Every sports film has a scene where the coach brings the team together to explain the game strategy and motivate the team. Altius marketing workshops do exactly that. They help align sales and marketing teams to the Brand vision
They also help in clarifying and setting clear directions on some basics such as Customer Needs Segmentation & Positioning Customer Relationship Management & Situation Analysis.

At Altius our marketing workshops are not extended team building activities. They are cerebral and activity oriented. Giving teams both food for thought and processes to meet their goals.

Altius Marketing Workshops

We Bring Creative Solutions to Our Clients Both in Marketing and Optimization.​

Altius Marketing Workshops


Branding, Positioning and segmentation workshops for startups.

Altius Marketing Workshops

Mid-Size firms

To build a marketing processes and talent.

Altius Marketing Workshops


To align Sales and marketing teams, to drive innovative ideas.

Use Cases

All Altius workshops are customised for a brand's needs. Inputs from leaders, present customers and our own experience goes into building one. Variants of workshops have been delivered to Fin-tech, Retail, Media & IT companies.As well as open workshops for participants from across industries and the public sector. All our workshops have flexible formats making them easy to be delivered either in person or online for distributed teams. A multitude of practical activities ensure participants learn seamlessly.

Give your brand the altius advantage