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Great Products Sell themselves. Not.

Marketing Strategy


Great Products Sell Themselves. Not.

There is a myth that great ideas or products don’t need marketing. Even best-in-class products need to compete in a ruthless market and reach the customers with a short attention span.

A firm that treats marketing as an ‘avoidable expense’ will soon find competitors outstripping them. The market may kill bad products, but it also kills good products that are marketed poorly. At Altius, we will help you create an effective customer Marketing Strategy, acquisition strategy, supported by a detailed execution plan.

Altius Marketing Workshops


To create a long-term marketing strategy devoid of cliches and buzzwords.

Altius Marketing Workshops

Mid-Size firms

To build a long term marketing strategy.

Altius Marketing Workshops


To localise global plans for MNCs and to take Indian Plans Global for Indian firms.

Use Cases

Over the years, we have worked with products and brands of various sizes. Here are a few cases showcasing the impact Altius has had in brand transformation.

Children’s Retail: All The Toys in the Box

A popular children’s retail store believed they lacked clarity in their marketing strategy, leading to an ineffective marketing program and wastage of resources.

Altius’ intervention resulted in a store layout overhaul, and a new merchandising plan that helped buyers make choices easily and thus, buy more. We also revitalised the store’s marketing program by creating alliance partnerships, collateral, and CRM structure, aiding in a much-needed brand rejuvenation.

An IP Consulting firm: Building a long term plan

Here our mandate was to create a Strategic Marketing Plan. After conducting extensive research on our client and their competition, Altius helped co-create a strategic marketing plan for the firm, to help raise funding. We also created buyer personas, journey processes, and built plans across the firm’s verticals.

The client was able to secure its first round of funding as well as build a sustainable business. Currently, they are a large player in the IP process, and we continue to be friends and trusted advisors


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