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Marketing Audit


Marketing Strategy Audit.

The name might bring forth a lot of images and ideas, but what really is a marketing audit? As the name suggests, it’s a form of taking stock of the marketing environment your business is functioning in, and under. It is a full exploration and analysis of every part of your marketing strategy, whether that is online campaigns or offline ones, your  approach, scaling building or demand generation. Most importantly budgets and spends. 
A well-done marketing audit equips you with the tools you need to identify  the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing strategy. Furthermore we help amplify those strengths, and overcome the weakness to take your business to the next level. 

Use Cases

Over the years, we have worked with products and brands of various sizes. Here are a few cases showcasing the impact Altius has had in brand transformation. ​

Marketing Auddit- Altius

Transform the voice of a Radio Brand

Our Client was a popular Bengaluru-based Radio station. They wanted to understand the perception of the radio station amongst Media Planners, Buyers and Brand managers. The brand also needed to scale up and expand markets, something they were finding difficulty doing. We conducted in-depth interviews with over ten media planners, buyers and brand managers based in Bangalore, to get a feel for the market and its position in its specific time frame. Qualitative, quantitative and relational analysis gave us further insights into not only competitors but our client as well. We were able to help the brand pivot from being a Kannada-only radio station, to diversifying their market to both Kannada and Hindi. This helped increase listenership in a short time span.

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