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Our Company - Altius Consulting
Who we are

About Altius

We create Marketing Engines that work for your brands, using a mix of consumer behaviour, marketing strategy and marketing tactics. From social media plans, automation and PR to more, Altius services ensure an all-round marketing experience that truly adds value to your brand.

Our team at Altius has successfully created and executed marketing campaigns and led marketing verticals for companies across FMCG, Retail, and Technology domains – just to name a few. 

We offer innovative cost effective and ROI-driven solutions that are innovative. Technology and automation are at the heart of what we do. Our plans are collaborative and built on existing strengths to elevate your go-to-market strategy by sharing insights based on experience and learning.

Altius is Helmed by Rashmi Vallabhajosyula.

Meet Our Founder

Rashmi is a Marketing Leader with 20+ years of Corporate and Entrepreneurial experience. She has mentored multiple Startups ranging from Seed to Mid Stage to Large across industries.

She’s also an investor in several startups. Rashmi is a strong believer in bringing women leaders to the fore, she runs a thriving women entrepreneur group on Linkedin. She’s an Alumna of MICA (PGP batch of 1997).

Her other hobbies include Quizzing & Public speaking.

Our Company - Altius Consulting. Rashmi-Vallabhajosyula

Rashmi Vallabhajosyula

Who we are


Mandira-Mathias - altius

Mandira Mathias

Mandira Mathias is an associate at Altius, and also a student at Azim Premji University. She manages social media and communications at the Altius. Her other hobbies include reading and content writing. Get in touch with her to schedule consulting sessions and other Altius services
Shireen-Vrinda. - altius

Shireen Vrinda

Shireen Vrinda is an associate at Altius consulting. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Literature. She frequently gives in to her urge to write. Her Hobbies include Acting, Singing, Illustrating and Public Speaking.