Human Capital

Human Capital Management

We support SMEs optimize their Human Capital needs. Areas we work on include HR Strategy, Policies and Processes, Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement/ HR Operations and Compliance & Talent Management.

Altius Impact

What We've Done

Over the years, we have worked with products and brands of various sizes. Here are a few cases showcasing impact of Altius.

Manage VC Portfolio
Consolidated the HR capabilities and function at a VC firm and its investee companies. Defined, developed, and implemented policies and processes across the board, including Performance Management, Recruitment, POSH, etc.
Leading Small Format Retail
Managed the transformation from startup mode by Organization restructuring, development of Competency Frameworks, and Job Descriptions Identified gaps in the structure and designed new structure to overcome these designed and developed a competency framework and mapped these to the identified roles. Conducted workshops for the Senior Leadership to communicate the resulting change and equipping them to cascade the need and impact of the same
Large Indian State
Created Skil roadmap 2022. Identification of High Growth Sectors, Skill Survey and Mapping, Analysis of Educational Infrastructure, Skill, and Manpower gap analysis. Recommendations of way forward for investment, in a skilled workforce.
Our Team

Meet our Team

Rohit Nair
Lead HR Practice
Rohit has over 14 years of multi-domain & multi-projects experience in the Human Capital space. Having worked in diverse industry sectors and management styles including Big 4 consulting firms, MNC's, Proprietor led firms and startups. He's a people-oriented, creative problem solver with keen business intuition.
Karuna Rabinder
Lead HR Practice
Karuna is a Learning & Development Professional, with a passion for excellence and proven expertise of over 19 years. She has played an influential role in leading and positioning L&D within organizations. She has a rich experience of working across diverse business verticals & geographies. Her focus has been not only towards design and delivery of organization-wide training programs across various levels but also at talent management, career planning and creation of learning processes within the organization

Take Charge

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