Engagement Model

Bespoke Marketing Plans

Each brand has its own audience, context, competition, and purpose. We believe in customizing every single marketing initiative from simple social media post to a long term market rollout to the brand purpose. Our plans stand the test of time, our execution is nimble and frugal. To give your brand this advantage, reach out to Altius.

Altius Methodology

How we Work

We have two major ways of engaging with brands.

Project Model
These deliverables will be based on the project. We reach an agreement on the deliverables and success standards. The project is completed and the decision to enter into a long term engagement is taken based on the project learnings.
Retainer Model
In this model, Altius engages a dedicated resource. This helps in cutting down the timelines and ensures better integration within the team. Once the marketing proposal matches expectations then a delivery plan is created after discussions. The delivery is controlled every week with work in progress reports.

Reach out

To give your Brand the Altius advantage, please email bindu@altiusconsults.com